From Al-profile up to final product.

Complete order from sawing up to surface treatment

We have advanced machinery, automatic saw machines, CNC machining center fleet, welding robot, engraving machine up to anodic Al-oxidation (elox) equipment. Thus, we are able to carry our complete order from sawing up to surface treatment.

Profiles on stock

GAMAaluminium has more than 100 of its own profiles including huge range of heatsink, box or structural profiles.

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Customer profile

Haven´t you found a required profile? We can provide you with your own profile with no minimum requirement. Just design your profile and send the drawing to us. Our company will carry out production, machining and delivery to you.



AL-profile sawing

Sawing as the simplest and most frequent production requirement has been provided at our workplace by three circular saws. We can provide for profile sawing in standard length 2, 4 and 6 m in required quantity, directly from our stock.

Eloxing and Titanium plating

Natural Al- protection.

It is natural part of finished products, preventing from Al-oxidation caused by atmospheric Oxygen, depending on effects of the ambiance in which the product is stored. Accordingly, oxide layer and Al-material form change with time and ambiance that further changes heat conductivity of Al-material and color stability.

Along with functional effect, these treatments meet also esthetical requirements after application of suitable surface treatment. We provide surface treatments in natural, black, gold, blue and red color.


CNC treatment

CNC treatment represents the best way how to exactly machine the Al-heatsinks according to your requirements. Our 9 CNC centers in operation can satisfy all orders in time and required quality.

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Robot welding

Do you need a large-scale heatsink or oversize product? No problem! We have automatic welding robot that is capable of joining more pieces of heatsinks in the large one. We process order for large heatsinks used in traction systems of electric vehicles. The size simply counts.


Technical support

Our engineers are ready to help you with your design or profile, or structural design of your order.

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