Catalogue of aluminium heatsinks


the material we work with

Aluminum with its properties such as low weight, high strength, good formability, simple machining, high corrosion resistance and excellent thermal conductivity,  is the most suitable material for our heatsinks.

Aluminium = EN AW 6060/6063, T5/T6 (EN755-2)

How is the profile made?

We will take your specific heatsink requirements into account  when designing the profile.

The heatsink profile is formed by extrusion  technology when the aluminum alloy is heated to 450-500 ° C and extruded through a die that defines the shape of the heatsink.  GAMAalumínium owns over 130 dies available to create your aluminum heatsinks.

Heatsink of choice

We modify the heatsink to your requirements in our company. We provide the technology of sawing, CNC machining, welding and surface treatment with anodic oxidation (anodizing). The complete service with us will give you the product of the required quality directly to the assembly.

Thermal resistence of heatsink

We think of everything.

Thermal resistance of heatsinks (Rth) is an important parameter that inform about heat dissipation for electronic components and recommends optimal design of heatsink. The Rth value can be found in the catalog of heatsinks for each type or we can messure it if  requested by our technical support.