Robotic, Manual and Friction Welding

Making non-removable joints is often a very important part of your production process. Whether you want to make a large heatsink, that´s dimensions exceed the possible technological limits when being extruded or you just need to join aluminum parts,  contact us!

Welding offer

MIG Welding

 - currently this service not available

The company uses the MIG welding robot in the case of more complex welds, where the welded workpiece is clamped on the welding table.
The operator will program the welding robot to meet the required quality of joints in terms of both visual appearance and mechanical properties, too.

Manual Welding 

Some thin-walled profiles and heatsinks are hard to be weld using a welding robot, To meet our customer´s  requirements we have extended our welding offer of TIG welding.

Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

The new  technologies allow us to join  the aluminum alloys by friction.
This process has several advantages.and we are able to produce oversized heatsinks of high quality with this technology.

Our references for welding