Automated sawing of profiles

Our customers often require the profile to be made to the exact length, which allows our assortment of semi-automatic and automatic saws. Next, the splited material can be machined according to the requirements on the machining centers.

We ensure that profiles are cut directly from our warehouse (standard lengths 2, 4, 6m) to the lengths you need.

Our Elumatec DG-142 semi-automatic 2-saw blade is being used to cut lengths up to 4m. If required by the customer, we are also able to cut a 45 ° angle. Using the DG-142 saw, we can cut profiles up to a height of 200mm and a width of 385mm.

The Elumatec SAS 142 automatic saw has one saw blade suitable for serial production, enabling us to meet customer requirements efficiently and flexibly. This type is also suitable for sawing profiles up to 180 mm and width  of 385 mm.

For low thickness profiles we use a circular saw from Mepal Retta 500. The maximum cutting height is 168 mm and width of 280 mm.