The Ice rink in Žiar nad Hronom in new lights


Our company brings new technologies, that combine lowering energy costs with attractive design. The residents of the town Žiar nad Hronom have found out how modern technologies can affect human emotions.

The ice rink in Žiar nad Hronom has undergone a complete refurbishment and the people of the city can start using it for hockey clubs training, friendly, championship and international ice hockey tournaments, but also for public skating.

A solution from GAMAalumínium

The original 400W discharge lamps were replaced by modern LED lights of the new generation GAMA HALL 1000, which are manufactured in Slovakia.

GAMA HALL lights with DALI regulation guarantee quality and equal illumination of the ice surface even at the barriers. The light temperature of the CCT light is 4000 K, which promotes an excellent visual effect with the CRI 84 color rendering index. The lights are IP 66 and IK 08 certified. The  lighting meets  the standards for sports lighting and even the most strict lighting requirements for TV broadcasts.

Benefits for the client

The Light replacing  will reduce the energy consumption for lighting by 65%. By using and setting additional DALI light control, the investor can save an additional 15-20% of lighting costs. The setting of various light scenes will increase the experience of watching a match.

Measured value in vertical direction 0,5m above the ice surface with MR16 Rainbow Ligh spectrometer in spectrum testing mode:

CCT - correlated color temperature

CRI - CIE color index

P.W. (nm) wave length

D.W. (nm) wave length

C.C (x, y) color coordinates (x, y)

Lux (E) (lx) - lighting value